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“My Love Story With God”

May my heart beat with Yours.
May my strength be Your Strength.
May my energy flow with Yours.
May my spirit be infused with Your Spirit.
May my pain be united with Your Pain.
May my activity center in Yours.
May my love be blessed with Your Love.
May my life be fashioned in Yours.
May my speech be graced with Your Speech.
May my being proclaim Your Being
Amen to my ALL-IN-ALL!

Sr. La Donna Pinkelman, OSF

Posted by: San Damiano | February 18, 2018

Grasping Hands—A Deep Prayer

O God, You grasp my hand. Firmly I grasp Yours. In this loving, tender grasp, You give me strength and I receive Yours, not just for myself, but also reaching out to give Your hand to another. The circle keeps growing, drawing strength in unbroken love, Your Love. Healing and strength in Your hands brings a circle of peace and joy, lighting the faces of all in a beautiful symphony of praise and friendship. O GRASPING HANDS! WHAT A MIRACLE!

Sr. La Donna Pinkelman, OSF

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O Holy Trinity

O Holy Trinity, all praise to You
One in three, not fully grasping
Deeper faith I am asking.

O Holy Trinity, all praise to You
One in three encircle me
My center ever be.

O Holy Trinity, all praise to You
One in three, bless us all
And keep us from a fall.

O Holy Trinity, all praise to You
One in three, breath of love
Breathe in me from above.

O Holy Trinity, all praise to You
One in Three, our path enlighten
Our sparks of love brighten.

O Holy Trinity, all praise to You
One in three, Your love we share
With the Church and all who care.

O Holy Trinity, all praise to You
One in three, sanctify our being
So one day, YOU, we will be seeing.

Sr. La Donna Pinkelman, OSF

Posted by: San Damiano | February 8, 2018

Mysterious Energy

Mysterious energy, come fill me, release in me a new confidence and courage, an ability to write and speak Your deep love. Give me a forgiving heart at all times so I might praise and spread Your Good news.
May I be friendly, compassionate in relating with others. Gift me with an ever-deeper relationship with You, an ability to always speak the truth, to trust with undying love, to radiate Your Light and Peace.

O Mysterious Energy, encircle and encompass my life forever. May your healing, loving energy touch me into new life, so I might be that for others. Bless me with a joyful, positive attitude and be upbeat for all I relate and minister. Keep giving me physical and spiritual energy so I can be all You want me to be. COME MYSTERIOUS ENERGY, FILL ME AND ALL YOUR DEAR FRIENDS WITH HOLINESS, WISDOM AND PEACE. AMEN.

Posted by: San Damiano | February 3, 2018

Thorns of Life

Lift up your drooping spirits, My dear ones.

Life is a combination of ups and downs.

Some are greater then others, especially the down-times.

Know you are not alone—I am with you.  Can you hold My Hand?

Believe, your burdens are taken to My Heart.

Give all to Me.  They are diamonds of strength and conversion.

If you bear them with Me, I will brighten your spirit.

I will also help you be beacons of light for others.

Take courage, My heavy-laden child.  Keep pushing forward.

Never give up on yourself or My own thorn-crowned head.

Surrender all and you will know My peace, healing, and strength.

Thorns of life, I am leading.

Sr. La Donna M. Pinkelman, OSF

Posted by: San Damiano | February 1, 2018

O My Beloved

O Dear God, I find myself  wondering, what is happening?

My life keeps me in the shadows of Your love.

It seems I am unable lately to relate deeply to You.

My sorrows and grief keep me in semi-darkness.

My ability to sit still for longer periods of time,

Frustrate and debilitate my concentration and feeling.

My set-back in health, in the midst of it all,

Seems to have frozen my prayer and work ability.

I don’t stop praying, but only in word,

Repeating over and over the same prayers.

My feelings seem numb, constantly asking Your help.

Will You come back and let me experience Your presence more.

Please let me experience a lifting of my spirit, once again.

Your lowly beloved, seeks a deep renewal in You.

Take over this longing spouse of Yours.

Give new energy and strength of  heart, mind and spirit.

Here I am, I lift up all that I am and going through,

For Your greater honor and glory.  Amen.

Sr. La Donna M. Pinkelman, OSF

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Posted by: San Damiano | January 29, 2018

Hold Me In Your Love

Hold me in Your love
My Savior, My God
Lift me up when I fall
Ease my tears when I call

Hold me in Your love
When You seem hard to find
When my heart is blind
And You still remain so kind.

Hold me in Your love
My all compassionate One
When discouragement will come
When to fear and anxiety I succumb.

Hold me in Your love
O gracious Spirit Dove
Teach me patience from above
My hope and peace return, O Love.

Hold me in Your love
New life, please impart
Lack of confidence, please depart.
May new life soon start.

Hold me in Your love
May solid faith re-bless my life.
May love cast out strife.
May kindness overcome the knife.

Hold me in Your love
Surrendering to Your will,
Letting go so You can fill
Working in and for You, please fulfill.

Sr. La Donna Pinkelman, OSF


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Posted by: San Damiano | December 3, 2017

Advent Heart

Child singers carrying a star with icon of a s...

Child singers carrying a star with icon via Wikipedia

Anticipation of Christmas, yes, but more—
Readiness for God’s Greatest Light to adore.
Adore as an Infant, born in a manger, poor

But what comes before the “LIGHT” DOWN TO EARTH?
The hustle and bustle all around,
The frenzy-going here and there.

Shopping, gift-buying, wrapping, and decorating,
All a part of this joyful season,
But remember the spiritual time as we prepare.

Do we take time in its midst
To prepare, yes, to prepare for our “GUEST”?
Let’s prepare for birthing Christ anew.

To birth Christ in our hearts and lives,
Brings the greatest joy at Christmas,
For family, friends, community and neighborhood.

Sr. La Donna M. Pinkelman, OSF

Posted by: San Damiano | November 30, 2017

Come Jesus, Come My All

The Holy Family engaged in Work

Image by Lawrence OP via Flickr

Come into my heart, guest of my soul.
Come enflesh, enflesh my being.
Come lead me, lead me into union, union with You.
Come speak to my heart, Loving Friend.
Come use me, use me to bring You to others.
Come bring peace, peace to broken lives.

COME STAR OF DAVID, Star of all.
Come MARANATHA, come Lord Jesus.
Come help of the poor, help of the ill and dying.
Come help of the old and lonely, those who have no hope.
Come compassionate God, come anew in the hearts of mankind.
Come bless my family, all families.
Come help families model after Your Holy Family.
Come with Your gifts of deeper love, filling our longing hearts. Amen.

Sr. La Donna M. Pinkelman, OSF

Posted by: San Damiano | November 27, 2017

Colored Glasses

Dear God, we often find ourselves looking at life through colored glasses. This blocks clear vision and gives a false outlook on all circumstances around us. We ask why and no answer comes. In these times, may we humble ourselves and come to You in prayer and reflection. Help us, through prayer, to discard the colored glasses to see more clearly the lead You are placing before us. Give us insight to see and feel Your helping hand and trust Your care and strength for us, no matter what may be happening in and around us. It is so easy sometimes to grab for the colored glasses and not take the effort to look beyond and call on our loving God to enter into the struggle and confusion with us and together work things through. We need not be in control, having God at our side, nothing is impossible.

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