Posted by: San Damiano | March 24, 2010

Who My God Is

My confidence gets stronger
Each and every time He speaks.

When I waiver and fall,
He’s there to call me back.

My love is my “Hound of Heaven”
And healer of a heart broken and scared.

He’s my assurance
In times of unrest and need.

He’s my source and reason
In life and in giving life.

He’s my nudge
And All in All.

He’s silent presence
As well as active presence at other times.

He’s “I AM Who sent you,”
To be all that I can be.

My Love is Spirit alive and risen in my heart,
Despite continuing struggle outwardly.

My Love, where would I be without You?


Sister La Donna Pinkelman, OSF   Sylvania, Ohio

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