Posted by: San Damiano | June 18, 2010

Gracious Father


Gracious Father of hope,
Breathe in me Your Holy Breath,
-Your strengthening energy
-Your loving gift to cope
-Your patient waiting
-Your will to be known
-Your love to spread
-Your Spirit to light the way
-Your indwelling Presence
-Your encompassing love.

Gracious Father of Hope,
Breathe in me Your Holy Breath,
Your Spirit’s Holy Breath.
-To relax and unbind
-To set free and surrender
-To deepen a relationship with You
-To always speak in Your Name
-To love with Your love
-To hear with your ears
-To see with Your eyes.

Gracious Father of forgiveness,
Breathe in me Your Holy Breath.
-To forgive with Your forgiveness
-To reach out with Your Touch
-To heal with Your healing
-To behold Your belovedness
-To follow Your beckoning calls
-To go where You lead
-To embrace Your Holy Will
-To be drawn deeper into Your Heart.


Sr. La Donna M. Pinkelman, OSF



  1. LADONNA!!!!
    This is really something!! I have been
    thinking of you a lot lately. Tonight, I
    decided to put your name in GOOGLE;
    CAME UP. This one, to the
    Gracious Father is one of many that
    touched me. Thank you.
    Bless you my dear. Write and let me
    know how you are doing and where you are stationed now.
    Love, Pat Foley ssj
    (From Ann Arbor

    • Sr. Pat,
      I thank you for your beautiful message. Yes, God has been gracious and blessed me with spiritual prose and poetry. God has been very good. I thank him for the gift. In the last year my life has been very active and my stillness has been hard to come by–so I haven’t been able to write as I would like. My hope, after getting settled from my move and new place of living, starting a new part-time ministry, the gift will return.

      I moved from an apt. back on campus with 6 other Sisters. This is an adjustment. My new part-time ministry is directing our Community’s “Wholistic Resource Center”–Like a Library located in our Rosary Care Center. My health has not been so good lately–The glory of getting older, as my older brother says.

      Pat, forgive me. your name is very familiar, but I can’t quite remember where I know you. I am happy you remember me. Please refresh my memory. Maybe we can E-mail back and forth.

      Love and prayers, Sr. La Donna Pinkelman

    • sr. Pat. Did you ever get my earlier reply? I deeply appreciated your comments. It touched me. Where do we know each other from? Your name is so familiar but I can’t place where. Please e-mail me if you get the E-mail.
      Thanks so much.

      Sr. La Donna M. Pinkelman, OSF

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