Posted by: San Damiano | June 21, 2010

Accept and Surrender/ A Humble Prayer


Help me accept and surrender:
-The NOW of my life
-The Unknown of my life
-The Agitations of my life
-The Loneliness of my life
-The Questioning in my life.

Help me accept and surrender:
-So Your Peace and Love will be known
-So Your Wisdom and Understanding can permeate
-So my heart can be cleansed
-So silence will allow me to hear You
-So doubts can be eased and replaced
-So new life will be experienced
-So Your Heart will encircle me.

Help me accept and surrender
-My inclination to discouragement
-My feelings of lack of acceptance
-My sometime poor self-image
-My health problems and stresses
-My longing heart to improve
-My whole being into Your Hands
-My acceptance of what is.
Help me accept and surrender:
-To trust in Your Goodness and Love, Your faithfulness
-To stay close to You in good and difficult times
-To know with greater assurance your healing touch
-To be all I can for You and rejoice in doing so
-To rely on Your constant presence and freedom of heart.
-To be ever-grateful for Your relationship and Your communication with me, as You draw me slowly into deeper intimacy.


Sr. La Donna M. Pinkelman, OSF


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