Posted by: San Damiano | July 21, 2013

Behold the Man

Behold the Man for He deeply cares,

And reaches out His hand.

Grasp it!   He’s lifting you up.

Behold the Man.  Be not afraid.

He brings help, love and peace.

Cling to Him!  He’s your stronghold.

Behold the Man as He gazes into your eyes.

His gaze pierces and speaks only love.

Gaze back and receive His healing.

Behold the Man; sense and feel His suffering.

For it saved the world; saved you.

Receive the life it gained for you.

Behold the Man, all alone, rejected.

Only good did He bring, and they received Him not.

Accept Him and be not one of these.

Receive all that He has to give.

Behold the Man; His all forgiving heart.

He changed lives through it.

Let Him change our unforgiveness to forgiveness.

Behold the Man.  Open your heart.

And only goodness and kindness will follow you.

Trust in Him.  He knows your willing, longing heart.

Behold the Man, His outstretched arms

In agonizing pain, feeling abandoned

Be consoled, you’re not alone.

Behold the Man, resigned, loved by His Father

Gave up His Spirit, so to bestow it on us.

Rise with Him and choose to walk in His Spirit.

Sister La Donna Pinkelman, OSF   Sylvania, Ohio

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