Posted by: San Damiano | September 10, 2013

Come to the Vineyard And Live

Come to the Vineyard And Live
I want to meet you there
I want to share my plan for you
I want to converse with you heart to HEART
I want to ease your pain
I want to heal you so you can heal
I want to hold and enfold you with my light
I want to radiate love in your spirit
I want to renew your hope
I want to instill courage and confidence.

Come to the vineyard and live
Receive my many gifts
Receive conversion of heart
Receive my Spirit of Love
Receive my gentleness
Receive my assurance
Receive my clarity for life
Receive my inner vision
Receive my wisdom and understanding
Receive my peace and serenity.

Come to the vineyard and live
Take up my Cross and follow me
Take my hand and let me lead
Take your pain and unite it with mine
Take advice and do not fight it
Take what I give and be grateful
Take praise and accept it
Take what I am preparing humbly
Take my surprises and rejoice
Take my light and run with it.

Yes, come to the vineyard and receive me with open arms.
Let me penetrate your life. I long to be with you—to love you and renew you, to use you where I will. You are precious to me. My strength covers you. Be not afraid! I will speak through you, heal through you, love through you. Let me do this for you. Drop your unhealthy controls and be free, be forgiven and forgive. I am with you to help you. With me you can do and be far more than you can imagine. Go my love and be at peace.

Sr. La Donna M. Pinkelman, OSF


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