Posted by: San Damiano | September 14, 2013

To Be “Holy/Christ-like”

Gaze, consider, contemplate.
To sit and focus on Christ in reservation,
To sit and focus on the beauty all around,
The beauty of God in each person–old and young,
Look beyond the gruff side and see Christ hidden.
Look beyond the false smile that cries for attention.
Enter into a relationship with the lonely and hurting.
Bring smiles to their face and a sense of belonging.

Gaze, consider, contemplate.
Silence and stillness brings God’s words
To share and renew your’s and other’s hearts.
Being compassionate, caring, reaching out
Emptying self to touch and serve lives
Coming back then, to be refilled by our God.
Call on God’s loving presence through the day
And at day’s end, your heart will rejoice in gratitude.

Gaze, consider, contemplate and holy Christ-likeness will gift you.

Sr. La Donna M. Pinkelman, OSF


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