Posted by: San Damiano | January 5, 2014

I Am


I AM Who is calling you.

I AM here with a helping hand.

I AM your pride and joy.

I AM Who stills your heart.

I AM here to give you joy and peace.

I AM here to give you My Heart.

I AM here as your treasure.

I AM asking your surrender so I can work anew in you.

I AM Who wants the best for you, a healthier you.

I AM Who promises you new freedom, a new wholer sense of you.

I AM Who asks you to keep close and come close, to be bold for Me.

I AM Who calls you to love and willingly receive.

I AM Who encourages you to wait and listen and not lose hope.

I AM Who will show you My way for you.  Trust.  Trust. Follow.

I AM your clarity, your joyful spirit, your All-In-All.

I AM Who longs for your happiness in this life first and the hereafter.

I AM Who will send special others to help Me for yu, to lighten your way.

I AM your spouse, your lover, your friend and constant companion.  Lean on Me.

I Am Who is carrying you, strengthening you.

I AM Who heals your broken heart from inside, out.

I AM Who forgives when you cannot.  Let Me.

I AM Who touches, heals with gentleness and compassion.

I AM One Who loves one back to life.

I AM doing that in you.  What surprises are ahead! Be expectant!  Be aware!



  1. Thank you very much, I’am really glad that I’m following you. I’m still figuring out. Just wanted to say that you are an awesome blogger. greetings from Gede Prama 😉

  2. That is beautiful! Thank you for sharing that. “I AM Who heals your broken heart from inside, out.” – that is a thought provoker, for sometimes we turn to others for such healing when they can never reach inside and heal from there. God bless you!

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