Posted by: San Damiano | May 11, 2014

Prayerful Reflection/Heart of Jesus

Heart of Jesus
Lighten my path,
Teach me Love,
Compassion be my gift.

Heart of Jesus
Forgive this lonely soul,
Enkindle in me patience,
Enduring be my shield.

Heart of Jesus
Mercy and peace I seek.
Control my impatience.
Confidence, healing, I desire.

Heart of Jesus
My life, my love, my all
Keep me safe and kind.
Surrender, I give to you.

Heart of Jesus
My guide, my purpose in life,
Be my breath as I fumble.
Be my deep, deep longing.

Forever and ever I give You my life and weaknesses,
As I strive to humbly walk in your love,
Giving all I can, loving ever-deeper, united more intimately
With You my ever-gracious Spouse and Friend. Amen.

Sr. La Donna Pinkelman, OSF



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