Posted by: San Damiano | June 3, 2014

Gracious Father

Gracious Father of hope
Breathe in me Your Holy Breath.

-Your strengthening energy
-Your loving gift to cope
-Your patient waiting
-Your will to be known
-Your love to spread
-Your Spirit to light the way
-Your indwelling Presence
-Your encompassing love.

Gracious Father of Hope
Breathe in me Your Holy Breath
Your Spirit’s Holy Breath.

-To relax and unbind
-To set free and surrender
-To deepen a relationship with You
-To always speak in Your Name
-To love with Your love
-To hear with your ears
-To see with Your eyes.

Gracious Father of forgiveness
Breathe in me Your Holy Breath.

-To forgive with Your forgiveness
-To reach out with Your Touch
-To heal with Your healing
-To behold Your belovedness
-To follow Your beckoning calls
-To go where You lead
-To embrace Your Holy Will
-To be drawn deeper into Your Heart.

Sr. La Donna M. Pinkelman, OSF




  1. Thanks for your wonderful poem. Our members would benefit from your ministry. Our father is gracious, loving and caring. How great is our God… Please feel free to share your blog posts at Godinterest Dot Com. God Bless Your Ministry.

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