Posted by: San Damiano | June 8, 2014

Mary Queen


Mary Queen, cover me
With the Mantle of your grace,
With the deep gift of your Son,
With a lively and loving spirit,
With your patient endurance,
With your humility and love,
With your serenity and peace.

Mary Queen, cover me
In accepance and surrender,
In Motherly Love,
In my growing and deep desires,
In my questioning and longing,
In Your Son’s embrace,
In wanting only His light.

Mary Queen, cover me
As I strive to love and serve,
As I struggle to bring peace,
As I desire to be positive,
As I suffer for your Son,
As I await God’s healing,
As I encounter resistance.

Yes, Mary my Queen, help me love with your love, serve with your joy, to live life to the fullest, experience your Son’s ever-embracing presence, walk in His light and freedom, and be a positive, loving influence for your Son.

Please cover me with your mantle and keep me close in love and grace. Interceed that I may be a worthy and loving spouse and spiritual leader for your Son. Amen.

Sr. La Donna Pinkelman, OSF



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