Posted by: San Damiano | July 19, 2014

My Morning Offering

A cloudy, dreary morning outside but a heart alight, in awe and wonder of Your goodness and presence to me, O Lord.  My own inner cloudiness is being drawn up into Your Heart, aglow with the fire of Love.  You have opened the wells of mercy and forgiveness to me just like You poured down rain from the clouds above only moments ago.  My day began with great arthritic pain in my back.  I could hardly roll out of bed.  But You were there the moment I woke beckoning me to offer it to You and trust that You will strengthen me for the day.

You energized me as I began moving around and doing all I needed to do to get started on my day.  There was an inner joy, wonder and expectation for what you, my Lord, had in store for me today.  You have surprised me beyond my furthest dreams so far.  I stand in humble thanksgiving for your marvelous deeds, freely given with no strings attached.
Your encircling presence has grasped me.  Flooding tears have begun a healing process in me and I know You are far from being finished with me.  Once more I surrender myself to You.  Do with me what You want for today.  Your love and goodness will uphold me.  This I know with a certainty that comes from You.  Take over my day on this Holy Thursday.  Teach me as only You can do.

Sister La Donna Pinkelman, OSF Sylvania, Ohio


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