Posted by: San Damiano | February 1, 2015

My God I Am Now In Your Hands

  • Do a new thing in me.
  • May I be Your light to all.
  • Set me free inside and out.
  • May Your healing hands be mine.
  • Bless me in loneliness, conflict and crisis.
  • Remind me when I am getting too hard on myself.
  • May Your Word, Your Love guide me.
  • May Your peace and serenity go with me.
  • Give me a loving, forgiving, compassionate heart.
  • Touch and heal my body, mind and spirit.
  • Bring me true friends.
  • Be my All-in-All.
  • Use me for Your People.
  • I want to be Your beloved, no matter what the cost.
  • May Your joy surround me.
  • Help me walk without fear, and trust You with all my heart.
  • Draw me into deeper union with You.


Sister La Donna Pinkelman, OSF Sylvania, Ohio



  1. I love this! This is such a perfect prayer. God bless. ❤

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