Posted by: San Damiano | April 1, 2015

Francis Unfolding For God

Converted Francis desired to live consciously-
Consciously in God’s Presence,
Consciously in the spirit of the Gospel.

Converted Francis desired to “gaze, consider, contemplate” the face of God—
In prayer, in creation, in his brothers and sisters.
In the work of rebuilding the Church.

Converted Francis is deeply touched by Christ-
Touched into an “ecstasy of contemplation,”
Leading to compassionate service to the poor,
the lepers, the unchurched.

Converted Francis is drawn, drawn to Poverty-
Poverty of life and spirit
Poverty of longing, of self-giving, of metanoia.

Converted Francis lived in God’s Presence–
In humility of heart, in contemplation,
In union with the Incarnate Word, the Christ-life, the Crucified.

Converted Francis truly begot Christ.
Begot Christ in prayer, action, founding an Order,
Begot Christ in all he lovingly did.

Sr. La Donna M. Pinkelman, OSF



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