Posted by: San Damiano | October 19, 2015

Sorrow to Great Surprise

The nails, what pain, the nails, oh horrible pain,

The nails pounded through feet – excruciating pain,

My Jesus, all for love of us, for love of us.

Oh, thank You; how can we not trust?


“Father forgive them”,  “I thirst”, “It is finished.”

Mother Mary, what deep, deep sorrow,

Seeing your blood-soaked Son, you say,  “Thy will be done”,

As He’s laid in the tomb.


Beaten, crucified, naked –  deserving not,

You gave Your all to the bitter end,

To send out to the world Your tremendous Love.

This great Love may, may  we always remember.


Three days in the tomb –  after,  what surprise!

“Go, tell My disciples, I have risen-

Will see them – Do not cling. Go!

Hearing her words, they were overjoyed.


©2014 Sr. LaDonna M. Pinkelman OSF


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