Posted by: San Damiano | November 30, 2015

A Week’s Journey

Anxious, heavy-hearted, thirsting, yearning,
Expecting, wanting to be open, tired, uptight,
Fearful, yet hopeful, searching for a deep walk
With God, with myself.

Probing, getting in touch, drained,
Excited, amazed, awed,
Presence of the deepest kind,
Constantly with me, dialoguing, communing,
Unlocking, emptying, freeing, healing.

Body, mind, spirit, touching, embracing,
Loving and being loved, with inward amazement,
New life penetrating, releasing, accepting,
My God, You deeply entered my life,
Renewed and cleansed and gifted me.

With new eyes, body, and heart,
I praise and glorify,
Thank and acknowledge You,
My companion, friend, spouse;
My life’s energy and source,
Continue to abide with me,
As I journey with You; following Your lead,
Receiving Your healing,
Living Your life
As You send it to me
In joy and in peace.


Sister La Donna Pinkelman, OSF   Sylvania, Ohio



  1. What a blessing to be able to say “My…spouse.”

    I enjoyed your poem.

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