Posted by: San Damiano | February 18, 2016

Spouse of God

I am YOUR Beloved.
YOU called me to be thus,
Unworthy though I be.
What do YOU see in me,
That I don’t see in myself?

All I ask is to grow more deeply in love with YOU.
My Divine Spouse, may I never, never fall out of love
With YOU, who has been my constant Lover,
My life and my all.
Where would I be without YOU?

YOU have led me, drawn me throughout life
To places I would never have dreamed possible,
To be more than I could have imagined.
I have been graced to serve YOUR children, adults, sick/dying,
As a spiritual guide, leader in parish and health care.

With a humble, grateful heart, I come before YOU
Asking that YOUR leadership and love will keep me going,
In all the good times and rough ones.
Thanks for the past and what the future holds.
Just, I ask YOU, keep me close and always faithful to YOU, my Spouse.

Sr. La Donna Marie Pinkelman, OSF

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