Posted by: San Damiano | March 31, 2017

Come Forth

Come forth Lazarus (La Donna)
Sleep no longer.
My Work is demanding.
My hope is fulfilling.
My love is encompassing.

Say “YES” like Mary
And My life will come alive in you.
Stop holding back.
Fear is not from Me.

Come forth, take My hand.
Don’t let false humility
Keep you two steps behind.

Gifted you are, use them.
Hold tight to My Hand.
Then I can use you.

Be open, Be open,
Give a listening ear.
I have much I want to make known to you.
Will you be attuned to me?

Let My Wordsgift in you.
Push forward, do not hold back.
Open your mind to my tiny whispers.
They will inspire you to go forward
Without fear and doubting.
Doubting is never of Me,
Only loving encounters.

Sr. La Donna M. Pinkelman, OSF


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