Posted by: San Damiano | April 8, 2017

Grateful Resignation

Come to me with a heart full of gratitude.
The struggles and disappointments of life
Are a means of growth and strength.
Your journey to Me are mingled with sorrow and joy,
As My life was while on earth.
They can be a means of greater union with Me,
When offered willingly to Me.
Friend, hold your head high, I have chosen you
To follow Me in the midst of pain.
Keep close and beauty will lighten your path,
Will bless your journey in strength of character,
In surprising gifts and grateful heart.

Come to Me with a heart full of gratitude.
Share your gifts however you can.
Attribute all to My faithful care for you.
Patiently hold on when thing don’t go your way,
When tired and feeling down, call on my help.
My light and Spirit will renew you spirit.
Never give up, never give in, keep pushing onward.
Follow My inspirations as you consciously live in My Presence.
When you forget, My reminder will be there.
Remember, remember, I walk with you.
You will see miracles of life surround you.

Sr. La Donna M. Pinkelman, OSF


  1. Thank you so much Sister for your poetry. Peace to your spirit and those in your house.

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