Posted by: San Damiano | August 3, 2017

Prayer to Holy Spirit

Spirit of God rush through my veins, heart and life.
Please give me a surge of your electrifying energy
And joyful Spirit
I love You. I love You. Be ever-near.

Hover over me in the storms of life.
May Your Spirit overcome my strife.
May Divine Strength be my grace.
Divine Love on my forehead trace.

Hover over me Spirit Divine
Thy healing, encircle and enshrine
This weak spouse of Thine.

Hover over me, my God and my all
Our hearts be one, this I call
In surrendering love I give
Hand-in-hand, I desire to live.

Hover over me, flow through me
Penetrating, refreshing so I can be
A waterfall of love for Thee.

Hover over me SEVENFOLD GIFT
When I fall in weakness,
Draw me up in meekness.

Hover over me DIVINE LIGHT,
Shine through me ever-bright
So all can experience a glimmer of Your sight.

Sr. La Donna Pinkelman, OSF


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