Posted by: San Damiano | August 23, 2017

Wounded Heart of Jesus

Wounded Heart of Jesus
-Lift me up
-Hold me close
-Heal my heart
-Lead me to Your Heart
-May I be truly open
-With eyes aglow
-To gaze and focus
-On what is above
-Letting go in love
-To You my Savior
-My friend my spouse
-All praise and glory.

Wounded Heart of Jesus
-Suffering Servant
-Obedient to the Father
-Heart surrendered
-To pain, false accusations
-Wounded for our sins
-Saving Grace for many
-Lover of all lovers
-Accepting one and all
-Forgiving of crucifiers
-Healing of brokenness
-Giving Your Mother
-Bringing hope in rising.

Wounded Heart of Jesus, may I walk closely hand-in-hand with You my heart’s desire, my longing, my strength. All glory, honor, and praise be Yours.

Sr. La Donna M. Pinkelman, OSF


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