Posted by: San Damiano | September 5, 2017

Lord Jesus Crucified

O the Pain, O the Pain!  My God Your Pain…

How excruciating!

For love of me, For Love of all! To forgive me.

To forgive the world.

To embrace me, to embrace all who believe,

O the Pain, my God Your Pain.

With grateful heart, I thank and praise You.


Crucified, my God, crucified,

What do You ask of me?

Give me an open heart…willing and ready.

Crucified, my God, crucified

Draw me closer and closer.

Speak gently that I might hear.


Crucified, my God, crucified,

Lead me to love deeply.

And serve generously.


Crucified, my God, crucified,

Help me sit quietly, in stillness.

And contemplate Your great goodness.


Crucified, my God, crucified,

Unite me in suffering.

and intimately hold me to Yourself.


Crucified, my God, crucified,

Help me be Your joyful cross bearer.

and alleviate some of Your suffering.

God’s Response

You ask what I ask of you? It is this:

Stay close, in touch with My inspirations and beckoning calls. My Heart is speaking to yours but often you are so busy with your own agendas that I can’t get through.  Stay focused on Me and I will accomplish all.  Give time but take time for yourself  without feeling guilty as you often do. Don’t you know I love you?

Reflection by:

Sister La Donna Pinkelman, OSF   Sylvania, Ohio



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