Posted by: San Damiano | October 3, 2017

Deep Prayer

Please, dear Lord, direct my day.

Please, bless me with Your holy words.

Direct my heart to hear You clearly.

Please, heal my extreme tiredness.

Relieve my mind of the memory of past hurts,

Which blocks my thinking,  and keeps me from recognizing new and positive thoughts.

Help me experience Your great undying love for me.

With this experience, may I sense Your great Love.

With this experience, may I feel Your great Love.


Please crush the heavy-heartedness,

And replace it with Your light-heartedness.

I love You so much and desire a closer relationship with You.

Dialogue with Christ:

“Are you really serious about what you just prayed.”

O, yes,  my Lord!  I desire with all my heart to have You crush what is holding me in “limbo”, and not able to forget what hurt me so deeply in the past, and not able to fully stay in the NOW to see the beauty and joys of life.  You daily walk with me.  Help me be more aware and receptive to Your daily encounters.

2015 Sr. LaDonna M. Pinkelman OSF



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