Posted by: San Damiano | February 1, 2018

O My Beloved

O Dear God, I find myself  wondering, what is happening?

My life keeps me in the shadows of Your love.

It seems I am unable lately to relate deeply to You.

My sorrows and grief keep me in semi-darkness.

My ability to sit still for longer periods of time,

Frustrate and debilitate my concentration and feeling.

My set-back in health, in the midst of it all,

Seems to have frozen my prayer and work ability.

I don’t stop praying, but only in word,

Repeating over and over the same prayers.

My feelings seem numb, constantly asking Your help.

Will You come back and let me experience Your presence more.

Please let me experience a lifting of my spirit, once again.

Your lowly beloved, seeks a deep renewal in You.

Take over this longing spouse of Yours.

Give new energy and strength of  heart, mind and spirit.

Here I am, I lift up all that I am and going through,

For Your greater honor and glory.  Amen.

Sr. La Donna M. Pinkelman, OSF

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